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Mount Lanaya

Mount Lanaya is located in Alegria, Cebu. With its mystical view of mountains and sea, you will surely be mesmerize. Although the trekking and mountain climbing is not easy but you will forget all the hardship once you get to the top.

Bugasok Falls

I really really wanted to swim in an ocean but when I came to this seemingly mystical slash ethereal falls of Bugasok, I put into priority swimming in a falls. You know this song of TLC, "don't go chasing waterfalls, just sink in to the river and the way.." I know its dangerous but what do you expect from a person who is soooo adventurous!

I so so freaking love waters from up high pouring from a mountain! Well, it's different than the ocean or a river, yeah, 'cause I believe that falls is a one hell of a dangerous place to play on. But aren't you captivated by this heavenly Bugasok Falls! This is a great feeling for me, conquering this water scenery.

One day, Im'ma conquer all falls in the world!

Kanlaob River

Kanlaob River

You will see the force gushed by the wind whilst touching the water. Kanlaob River rocky, hidden nature place. This area is a gemstone that is being taken care of by the people living near this place. You will see rocks, some shiny and some slimy.

The place is serene. The ilog is placid and the falls is full of energy being given by the highest structure of the mountains. This surely is a scenery to die for. It gives life to the trees whenever a drop of water reaches the roots. It gives life to the animals, be it may birds or mammals or reptiles.

The water is clear; it is cold. The Kanlaob River is truly magnificent.

Moalboal Beach in Cebu

Moalboal Beach in Cebu

Moalboal has developed a tourism industry based on diving and beaches and coral reef. Panagsama Beach, which was blown away by a typhoon is where most resorts are established and White beach, which still has sand, in Barangay Savedra, which used to be a quieter beach that locals frequent.

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