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Paoay Church

Paoay Church in Laoag City, Ilocos, Philippines. Paoay Parish was foundedby Augustinian Missionaries in 1593. The cornerstone of church was laid on 1704 the the convent on 1707. The Paoay was used before completion and kept in repair by the people under the joint auspices of the church and the town officials. The inauguration of Paoay Church was on February 28, 1896. The church was damaged by earthquake on 1706 and 1927. The tower is also used as observation post by Katipuneros and during the revolution by guerillos during the Japanese occupation. 

Magat Dam in Ifugao

The North Luzon has a controversial dam called Magat Dam in Ifugao, Philippines. Magat Dam is a large rock fill dam on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The dam is located on Magat River, a major tributary of Cagayan River. Construction of the dam started in 1975 and completed in 1982. Magat Dam is one of the largest dams in the Philippines and has two primary purposes as a source of irrigation water and as a provider of hydroelectric power.

Museo Ilocos Norte

Museo Ilocos Norte

Located in the downtown area of Laoag City and just close to the provincial capitol and about a block away from the town plaza is the Museo Ilocos Norte. One of the best ways to get to know Ilocano culture is by visiting the museum. The museum is housed in the restored historic Tabacalera warehouse, which was a factory of sorts for tabacco back in the Spanish Era. The museum was primarily designed to bring a sense of pride to the citizens of the province. It showcases the varied ethnicity and multi-faceted cultural heritage of the Ilocano people. It is one of the few attractions in Laoag City which is most visited by school children, visitors, and tourists.

The museum is nicknamed, Gameng from the Iloco word meaning treasure. It symbolizes the wealth of Ilocos Norte. There is an assortment of items displayed on both floors of the two-storey building. Before you exit out of the museum, you will find a small giftshop which sells an assortment of native products and handicraft of Ilocos Norte, and a few books and other publications written about the province. There is a minimal fee charged to view the contents of Museo Ilocos Norte. The museum is opened during office hours in the morning and afternoon of the work week, however, it is closed at noon time which allows it's staff time for their lunch break. The symbol of the museum, a many-rayed sun, was taken from one of the finials at the back of the 19th century church in San Nicolas.

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