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Perfect Getaway in Cagbalete

Practically an undiscovered paradise, this unchartered island will surely capture both the young and young-at-heart, adventurous, and nature loving city dwellers. Cagbalete Island in Quezon Province is located in the ine white sand of Lamon Bay fronting the Pacific Ocean.The island is nothing but the perfect getaway from the hassles of urban living. With unique variety of birds, rich marine life, and the abundance of unique species of plants, the island is a complete paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. Similar to Jomalig Island in Northern Quezon, a part of the Cagbalete’s beach is dotted with Agoho trees, a family of pine tree.

Located by the quaint little town of Mauban, Quezon Province, beach lovers get to enjoy a 45-minute bangka ride to get in Cagbalete. You’d be surprised at how the evening sea breeze beats your usual air conditioners at home. With the staple of five meals per day, you will surely get more than you bargained for when it comes to food. At low tide, the clear blue water is transformed into a massive expanse of sand, perfect for games with your friends. At night, be amazed at the wide blanket of stars on the clear sky. Just three hours away from the Philippine capital, Cagbalete promises an unforgettable and picture perfect island getaway you will truly enjoy. Visit Cagbalete Island, and discover a whole new experience.

The island of Cagbalete rests east of Quezon Province, along Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean. This 1,640 hectare property provides just the ideal spot for a hideaway: lush coconut plantation, crystal clear waters, white sand.. Plus it gives one just the most breathtaking view of the sunrise. Cagbalete Island does not have the busy bars and restaurants and high end resorts but its simple and natural beauty may just be its main attraction.

Panglao Beach at Bohol

Panglao beach in Bohol is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Famous and known for its white sand beach, amazing islands, beautiful dive spots and its coral reef. Panglao has many several islet ideal for beach bathing like the islets of , Balicasag, Virgin Island, Gak-ang and Pontod.

Lighthouse at Capones Island

The Capones Lighthouse is the lighthouse that can be found after trekking in the Capones Island. The hike was well worth it and the view from the lighthouse is amazing! The lighthouse is still operational and mostly runs on stored solar energy.

Photo by Jojo Tan

Carabao Beach Destination

Carabao Beach is just a short boat ride away from Boracay Island is also known as the town of San Jose. The island have the most beautiful beaches in all of Romblon.  While Boracay is loud and more of partying, the Carabao Island rest in its peaceful and solemn place.

Carabao Beach has its mystical caves, powder white sand beaches and crystal clear seawater to boost. San Jose is indeed a paradise to visit. Its dazzling scenery will charm and give you the relaxation you need.

Travel to Sorsogon

The entire province is one big eco-tour package. With Sorsogon City, the capital and seat of government, as jump-off point, all the eco-tour destinations within the province are easily accessible, including the singularly exciting, high adventure Whale Shark or Butanding Interaction activity off the waters of Donsol, Pilar, Castilla, Magallanes, and Bacon District of Sorsogon City. Sorsogon, one of the six Bikol provinces, and located at the southernmost tip of Luzon,  the gateway to the South of the Philippines offers the jaded visitor a new experience.. Unexplored and undiscovered, pristine and green vistas, Mother Nature at its best.

A rare nature-commune at the Mount Bulusan Natural Park and its mystical Bulusan Mountain Lake Resort, with its exotic flora and fauna. The province's magnificently colorful dive sites and marine sanctuaries. Mysterious caves with interesting folk legends to explore. Hot springs and healing mineral water spas to soak in, relax and unwind; the picturesque little islands within Sorsogon Bay and off Matnog, offering fine white, black or pink sand beaches. The historical landmarks, including old churches, ancient houses and monuments, historic ruins of baluartes, murallas, and astilleros or ancient shipyards, and local arts and crafts.

Sorsogon offers the visitor a wide variety of diversions, including scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, swimming, boating, island-hopping, sunbathing, beachcombing, mountain climbing, biking, hiking, spelunking, or just simply touching base with nature at its pristine best. Or revel in the pageantry, celebration and merrymaking during its numerous festivals and barrio fiestas, and imbibe and experience its rich cultural heritage.

In Sorsogon, you will never run out of things to do, sights to see, places to go to, folk celebrations to join and enjoy. This is Sorsogon, the Land of Kasanggayahan, a land of peace, serenity, lush scenery all around, and happy and hospitable people. Sorsogon is one big eco-tour package!

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