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Cudugnon Cave in El Nido

Cudugnon Cave in El Nido, Palawan

Sometimes, we can't appreciate the beauty of our detours until we've made multiple twists, turns and deviations in our set-out path. We need to give that detour enough time to form a story of its own, until our detours become our journeys.

Image by ‎Carlo Teope‎

Cagraray Eco Park in Misibis Bay

Cagraray Eco Park in Misibis Bay

Located across Misibis Bay Resort is the Cagraray Eco Energy Park, which boasts of an amphitheater, campsites, an adventure park with a zip line, swimming pools, and a chapel with a breath-taking sea view and which has seen high-profile weddings.

Sirao Flower Farm

Sirao Flower Farm is a new eye-catching spot in Cebu because of its captivating beauty and garden-fresh flowers.. It is a flower farm in Sirao, a mountain barangay of Cebu City. The farm went viral because of the celoisa flower, it has a very beautiful colors, red, orange, yellow and purple, perfect for selfies!

To be among the celosia in Sirao is to be burnt alive and smiling, Greek-speak. This is the closest one can get to Greece in the Philippines. Ople, whose family oversees the farm. The flower farm has suddenly become popular, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. It has become an instant tourist spot, it’s accessible by foot, by habal-habal and by ordinary car.

The Ople family is happy and proud that people have taken interest in their flower farm, says Jojie Limotan, a family member.To everyone who has been there, the Oples extend their thanks. To those who are still on their way up, the celosia are still there.

Basco Lighthouse by Tin Madrigal Ancheta

Basco Lighthouse in Batanes

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be. But, baby I've been, I've been praying hard. Said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars.

Photo by Tin Madrigal Ancheta

Rizal Windmill

Rizal Windmill

Wanna visit Bangui Windmill in Ilocos Norte but have no luxury of time? Why go far if you can visit Rizal Windmills of the East and just an hour and a half drive from Manila.

Pink Beach of Calintaan Island

Pink Beach of Calintaan Island

The Philippines usually have cream,white sand beaches..But this one is rarest of them all. This unspoiled beach off Matnog town, the southernmost tip of Luzon, is popular for fine grains of sand that have little specks of pink, prodding locals to also call it “Malarosa” or pinkish. To get to Subic Beach head to Matnog, to which buses offer direct 13-hour trips from Cubao or Pasay. You may also go there by plane via Legazpi, and take shuttles straight to Matnog or via Sorsogon City. From the Matnog Port, rent a boat that will tour you around Tikling Island, the Juag Fish Sanctuary, and Calintaan Island.

Photo by James Singlador Photography

Mount Pico de Loro

Mount Pico de Loro, also known as Mount Palay-Palay, is a dormant volcano in Maragondon, Cavite province on the island of Luzon, Philippines.

Mount Pico de Loro is at 664 MASL, considered to be the Highest Peak in the Province of Cavite. It is part of the Palay-Palay Mataas Na Gulod Protected Landscape of the Palay Palay Mountain Range. A National Park, Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary. The last remaining lowland rainforest in the province of Cavite.

Papaya Beach in El Nido

Papaya Beach in El Nido

Our last destination was chill time and wading at the beach, other group played volleyball and resting under the shades of the trees in Papaya Beach. But what we enjoyed most is drinking coconut water perfect to rinse our taste buds from salty water and whole day basking in the island.

Scenic Helicopter Island

Scenic Helicopter Island in El Nido, Palawan

It's called Helicopter Island because it's shaped like a helicopter. If you're up for a challenge, skip the motorized bangka and rent a kayak to go here instead. Be sure to bring your snorkeling gear!

Visit Cebu's Hilutungan Island

Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary is one of the finest and richest sanctuaries in Cebu. The island surrounded by waters are also full of dive sites that range from easy to advanced, including prime underwatersports like scuba diving  and snorkeling.

St. James Parish Church

St. James Parish Church in Dapitan

The 141-year old church where Dr. Jose Rizal used to attend mass secrectly during his exile in Dapitan.

Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro

Tamaraw Falls gets its name from the word tamaraw, a water buffalo endemic to the island of Mindoro. One of the more popular destinations in Puerto Galera, Tamaraw Falls is a twin waterfall about three storeys high.

Vigan During Night

Vigan During Night

Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur is a place you should visit at least once. Walking in these streets will remind you of Spanish era, old houses with bricks and shell windows.

Punta Ballo White Sand Beach

Punta Ballo White Sand Beach is your unspoiled beaches, peaceful nights, powdery white sands, friendly locals, fresh catches and wait-worthy sunset in Negros Occidental. 

Gorgeous Destination Bataan Beach

Gorgeous Destination Bataan Beach

Hundreds of tiny turtle hatchlings emerge above a beach at night in Morong town and immediately look to the sea, hoping to beat huge odds and start a remarkable trans-oceanic journey lasting decades, wrote Cecil Morella of Agence France-Presse in her article Turtles’ vulnerable start to life on Bataan coast.

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