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Pusan Point in Caraga

Pusan Point in Caraga Davao Oriental

Pusan Point Eco Park and Planetarium- The provincial government initiates development of eco- tourism sites and parks, setting the foundation for world-class development standards of tourism-related projects.

This is Pusan Point, geographically the eastern-most point of the Philippines. Sunrise here is some 8 minutes ahead of Manila. This place is considered as the easternmost vantage point of the Philippine Archipelago. It became popular because it is the site where you can see the first sunrise in the Philippines, thus the term first light first sight! Beyond this is the lonely wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the realm of Poseidon and the many ancient tales of sea monsters, sirens and mermaids.

Laoag Sinking Belltower

Laoag Sinking Belltower

One of Laoag City’s most famous landmarks in fact one of the top Ilocos Norte tourist attractions. The structure is claimed to be the most solid and tallest bell tower in the Philippines. The tower has earned its sinking reputation because it is so heavy and it was build on sandy foundations that it is sinking into the ground. Stories mention that a person on horseback could enter the tower with ease back when it was built. Now, a person of normal height has to bend down just to enter the vaulted entrance.

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