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Ili Likha Baguio

Colorful stairs of Ili Likha.

Cool hut located at the ground of this place.

Arts and recycled bottles in Ili Likha Baguio.

Calaguas View

Calaguas View

Calaguas is one of the best kept secret beach destinations in the Philippines located in Camarines Norte, Bicol. Cal means lime and Aguas translates to water in Spanish. It's now famous for Mahabang Buhangin's 1.27 km powdery white sand on Tinaga Island, the biggest island in Calaguas. Some people described as the perfect beach or a throwback to Boracay 25 years ago.

Apo Reef Lighthouse

Apo Reef Lighthouse in Mindoro

Apo Reef Lighthouse  in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro is a historic lighthouse. Apo Reef Light was erected on the Bajo Apo Island in Apo Reef Natural Park or ARNP in the year 1903. The construction of the lighthouse was approved during the Spanish era under Spain’s Maritime Lighting Plan. The plan was conceived a few years before the construction of the structure. In fact the foundation stone for some of the sections of the lighthouse were laid as early as 1896.

El Nido Tour A

El Nido Tour A

El Nido Island to Visit
Small Lagoon
Big Lagoon
Secret Lagoon
Simizu Island
7 Commandos Beach

The Big and Small Lagoon’s tranquil turquoise-green waters of its orchid-lined limestone walls, showcase a kaleidoscope of marine life. Scientists believe that these lagoons were actually caves which abound in these islands. The roofs of these caves must have collapsed millions of years ago, and these lagoons have emerged in their stead.

Swim through a hole in a cliff to find the Secret Lagoon or Hidden Beach. The entrance to the lagoon is really small and you have to crawl your way inside. Main activities here are snorkeling, picnic, and relaxing.

Simizu or Shimizu Island main attraction is the beautiful marine life just few meters from the shore, snorkeling and a nature perfect photo setup. Colorful fishes abound the waters of Shimizu Island, a great place for snorkeling.

The 7 Commandos Beach has long stretch of white sand and clear blue waters. A perfect place to end the day to watch the sunset.

Amanpulo Island

Amanpulo Island in Palawan

Amanpulo or peaceful island as it is known, is a secluded, private island in the Philippines, offering a variety of sea, sand and tropical island-retreat–pleasures, in exclusive comfort and in traditionally styled accommodation. Amanpulo ‪‎is located on the private island of Pamalican set among the Quiniluban Group of Cuyo Islands, situated in the north of the Palawan Province of the Philippines.

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