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Pink Beach of Calintaan Island

Pink Beach of Calintaan Island

The Philippines usually have cream,white sand beaches..But this one is rarest of them all. This unspoiled beach off Matnog town, the southernmost tip of Luzon, is popular for fine grains of sand that have little specks of pink, prodding locals to also call it “Malarosa” or pinkish. To get to Subic Beach head to Matnog, to which buses offer direct 13-hour trips from Cubao or Pasay. You may also go there by plane via Legazpi, and take shuttles straight to Matnog or via Sorsogon City. From the Matnog Port, rent a boat that will tour you around Tikling Island, the Juag Fish Sanctuary, and Calintaan Island.

Photo by James Singlador Photography

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