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Barbeque Larsian Fuente

Barbeque food being offered in Larsian Fuente include the usual list of pork and chicken parts being sold in your neighbour hood barbeque store.  Larsian is located at the heart of Cebu City, Fuente Osmena, near the Fuente Police Station and Chong Hua Hospital. The place becomes alive starting at around 5 pm until the wee hours of dawn.

Pork barbeque is P5 a stick, there’s also Adidas (chicken feet), IUD or chicken intestine, helmet or chicken head, liver and gizzard, pork blood, chicken skin, and a lot more. Team that up with puso or hanging rice. But there really is something in larsian that makes the barbeque stand out from any other stores around the world. Some said it’s the sauce that makes the difference, others said it’s the ambiance, the mix of crowd, or simply the smell of grilled food that sticks to your clothes.

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