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View of Kapurpurawan Rock

View of Kapurpurawan Rock

The most famous cove in Ilocos Norte is the Kapurpurawan Beach, which means “white rock.” It is a massive rock that juts out into the sea. From afar, it looks as if someone has wiped off the top layer frosting and exposed the soft white cake that lies beneath. Up close, it is a dazzling bright white rock that sparkles in the sun. Kapurpurawan is a showcase for the power of wind and water on rock and coral.

The Kapurpurawan rock formation. It is known for its creamy white and streamlined limestone formations. Also found in Ilocos Norte, this limestone formation is considered as a nature’s work of art that is truly one-of-a-kind in the country. The forces of the sea, whips of the wind, pull of gravity and sedimentation over a long period of time are the “artists” of this natural masterpiece.

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