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Capones Island

Capones Island have one of the amazing view I had ever seen. Couldn't believe how beautiful the island is. Capones Island and Camara Islands lie a few kilometers from the shores of Pundaquit, Zambales. The Camara islands are 2 kilometers offshore and Capones is 3 kilometers farther  Capones and Camara islands are known for their white beaches, speckled with colorful crushed coral. Clear turquoise waters held us spell-bound. High rock cliffs beckon rappellers. Capones is known for an old Spanish-era lighthouse that brings visitors back in time.

There are no resorts nor facilities on the island. Tourists usually stay at a resort in Pundaquit at Zambales, a small fishing village about 3 kms southwest of San Antonio where they can hire a boat to explore Capones Island.

If ever you want to rent boat going to Capones Island. It is just 200 php per head back and forth to Anawangin beach. The boat capacity is up to 12 pax but additional 50 php if you want side trips to Capones and camara Islands.

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