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Bolinao Beach

Bolinao boast of a distinct white sand beach you can only find at Barangay Patar, Bolinao. Though Bolinao is a long stretch of Beaches and Resorts, beware.. You might get into a resort that sports a rocky beach front. If you want to have the finest beach of Bolinao, then, go straight to the Lighthouse. The beach below the lighthouse is the best beach in Bolinao.

Bolinao was founded by Captain Pedro Lombi in 1575, an island known as Binabalian meaning old town with few hundred settlers. However, it was transferred later to Bolinao mainland due to piratical molestation. In 1585. Bolinao and other western Pangasinan towns were once part of Zambales. It was the year 1903 when Bolinao and other western towns were transferred to Pangasinan due to its proximity to the capital town of Lingayen.

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