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Buruwisan Falls at Mount Romelo

Buruwisan Falls is located at Mount Romelo. and is found in the part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges that belong under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Siniloan. It is one of the five falls known to the local residents, the others being the Guiling Guiling Falls, Lanzones Falls, Binaytuan Falls and Sebakon Falls. Most of these falls, however, are unexplored. Buruwisan Falls is the most popular among these falls because it is the most accessible. Some local residents claim that there are still a number of "undiscovered" falls in the area aside from the five mentioned.

There are two possible mountain trails to the site, Puting Bato or Pulang Lupa, the latter is a shorter route. It tkes two hours of strenuous trekking over steep grassy hills, rocky streams and muddy river beds, and of wrestling against the overhanging branches of the wild vegetation that abounds in the area, to reach the site. But, the "discovery" of Buruwisan Falls makes the trip worthwhile.

Buruwisan Falls has a more or less 50 meter drop. The water is clear and cool. The area around Buruwisan Falls, being virtually unspoiled, is ideal for camping. As a matter of fact, different mountaineering groups from different schools have pinpointed this area as an excellent training ground for neophyte mountain climbers and thus, conduct fun climb in this site.

Across the Buriwisan Falls is the Lanzones Falls. The rivers of the Buruwisan and Lanzones Falls meet at a certain point and form a bigger fall which is the Binaytuan Falls. The Binaytuan Falls has a more or less 200 meter drop.

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